Maya revamp & Paradise Adventure

The flower of Dominion – Maya will appear in all her glory, but way stronger than ever before! Maya’s skills are revamped and can heal her allies more, deal more damage and be even more effective.

Maya’s skills after revamp

To celebrate Maya’s revamp, there will be a special event – Paradise Adventure! There will be a lot of interesting events: a separate store with equipment for her, a lot of various bundles and Emerald sale for all slots. Event will start on 13th and will last until 16th of August.

Paradise Adventure
13/08/2021 – 16/08/2021

  1. Daily login
  2. Win with different heroes in the Arena
  3. Promote Maya to ranks
    From Green to Orange+4
  4. Evolution of Maya’s artifact weapon
  5. Spend Emeralds
  6. Open tower chests
  7. Open outland chests – Repeatable
  8. Gather Hero soul stones – Repeatable

Maya’s shop

Rewards in Maya’s Treasury

13/08 Heroic chests sale
10 chests for 900 Emeralds

13/08 – 16/08 x4 Emeralds sale (all slots)

14/08 – 15/08 Outlands chest sale
10 chests for 360 Emeralds
100 chests for 3375 Emeralds

16/08 Hero artifact chest sale
10 chests for 360 Emeralds
100 chests for 3375 Emeralds

During event period there will also be a lot of great bundles and clan gifts that you will be able to purchase!

What do you guys think about the upcoming event? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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