Role: Mage / Support
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Chapter 1 – Marax the Titan’s Domain, Chapter 3 – Leader’s Tent, Chapter 5 – Illwood, Chapter 6 – Thorn Arches, Chapter 8 – Furnace of Horror), Heroic Chests

A dangerous child and a naive sage, a fickle troublemaker and a grumbling kind soul. This is Mojo. Be friendly with him, and he’ll be your best friend, but be wary of making him angry! A shaman’s curse is a terrible thing!


Totem of Wrath – creates a totem that fires magic charges at the enemy team for 6 seconds. Mojo can’t attack and use skills for the duration.

Healing Spirits – heals each ally.

Cursed Bones – throws a charge at the nearest enemy, which deals magic damage and stuns the target, then bounces off at a random enemy.

Hex – marks random targets at the start of a battle, with magic damage dealt out every 2 seconds, depending on how much damage has already been received.

Additional information: Mojo is a Mage / Support Hero and he could be a good replacement for Thea as a healer but is it really worth it? That is hard to say, Mojo is a really good Hero during early to mid levels (1-50) but he falls off a lot later on. He is rarely found in top teams and question if he is worth investing is very questionable.