Role: Healer, support
Main stat: Intelligence
Special: Undead
How to get? Could be found only during special events.

Unable to accept her father’s death, Morrigan frantically searched for an opportunity to bring him back to life. The angels warned her the price would be extremely high, but she was willing to pay it. Now that Corvus has been resurrected by dark magic, nothing will drive this family apart ever again.


Army of Graven – Morrigan summons 3 Undead skeletons to her side to fight in the front row. She can control up to 6 skeletons at any given time.

Bone Armor – Morrigan temporarily boosts Undead allies’ defense, increasing their armor and magic defense as well as healing them by 0.5 * MP + 100 * Skill level.

Moonlight – Morrigan heals an Undead ally if their health drops below 20%. Can be triggered once every 8 seconds.

Necromancy – increases damage dealt by allied skeletons. Whenever an enemy dies, Morrigan summons their skeleton, even if they attempt to resurrect.

Additional information: Morrigan seems to be a great hero, especially with Undead hero compositions. Her violet skill Necromancy seems to be a huge counter to Astaroth’s Last Word. She is definitely worth investing and experimeting around.