Role: Support
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Guild War Shop

Myriads of stars are falling towards their oblivion. Thoughts create new planets and races. Ideas are embodied into matter; they die and reappear, transforming the despair of death into the joy of rebirth. Nebula knows her war will never be over, for it ensures the welfare of the whole Universe.


Astral Projection – launches a slowly flying projectile that deals damage and disperses the energy of enemies in the area of effect, with the total damage and dispersed energy spread evenly among everyone in the enemy team — if not activated manually, the projectile triggers once it hits the enemy that’s farthest back.

Serenity – restores health and removes effects from two nearest allies.

Disharmony – deals damage to enemy with lowest health.

Equilibrium – switches Nebula’s attacks to support mode, increasing one ally’s Physical and Magic attacks for 5 seconds once activated.

Additional information: Nebula is one of the better and interesting Heroes in Guild War Shop. She only requires 10 Soul Stones to summon. Due to her skills and abilities, Nebula might be helpful in the middle to late stages of the game as she can make very interesting and unique team compositions. Nebula can be found in top teams (especially together with K’arkh or Keira) and is worth investing.