New Hero Fafnir, Runic Rumble event & New skins

Recently it was announced that in April, a new hero Fafnir will enter the ranks of the Dominion. Together with his release, we will also have an amazing event – Runic Rumble. Event will start on 13th and will last until the 19th of April! Let’s find out what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

New Masquerade skins

Masquerade Jhu – Skin will provide additional Physical attack stats.
Masquerade Martha – Skin will provide additional Health defense stats.
Masquerade Tristan – Skin will provide additional Magic defense stats.

New hero – Fafnir

Role: Support
How to get? Heroic Chests or during special event.

Fafnir has a talent to craft runic weapons and armor to his allies. Fafnir’s auto attacks deal no damage to the enemies but he directs all attacks on his allies to create a temporary equipment.

Fafnir’s skills

Runic shield – Fafnir gives a runic shield to his ally when an ally health drops to 25% starts to absorb incoming damage until the shield breaks.

Runic blade – Fafnir arms a shielded ally with a runic blade, which boost physical damage. If this buff is applied to a fellow hero who has a main stat of strength – damage is doubled.

Knowledge of Flaws – when one of the heroes fully penetrates enemy armor, the opponent gets stunned. This effect has a cooldown per target.

Blacsmith mastery – when Fafnir’s energy gets full, he stuns all the enemies for several seconds. Additionally all allies get the effects of the runic shield and runic blade.

Runic Rumble
13/04/2022 – 19/04/2022

Runic Rumble event is going to be somewhat similar to what we saw in Gate of Chaos event when Xe’Sha was introduced to the game. It is going to be a one week event where you will gather coins which you will be able to spend on buying a new hero Fafnir or various great items.

Watch full official video here:

❗ As soon as we’ll have more information about the event’s missions and quests – we’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned and let us know what do you think about the new hero Fafnir!

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