Role: Mage
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Tower Shop

He is the real mystery of the world of Dominion. Nobody knows which galaxy he came from or what he is doing in these lands. Some people see him as a great danger, a messenger from hell, others praise him as their savior. But what are the true motives of this great warrior from a distant planet?


Total Destruction – fires 6 magic missiles at the enemies with the highest health.

Magnetic Field – creates an explosion at the back of the enemy area, dealing out area of effect damage and slowing enemies for 4 seconds.

Antimatter Blast – stuns the nearest enemy for 4 seconds with a missile and dealing magic damage.

Full charge – passive skill. Orion receives additional energy with each attack.

Additional information: Orion is a great magic damage dealer. As he is only available at team level 40 in the Tower shop, it might take some time to summon him. Orion can be found in top teams, especially strong mage team compositions and he’s worth investing.