What is Outland? It is a game mechanic which is available for players since level 25. Outland is the main source of Skin Stones which could be used to buy new skins and / or upgrade existing ones. There are three bosses in the Outland. Selection of heroes to fight against them is very limited and you are given two minutes for a battle. Bosses difficulty increases after each time they are defeated. their level cap – level 160.

Brog the Conqueror

He is immune to the physical attacks and that is why it is only possible to use characters who deal magic damage: Thea, Judge, Mojo, Markus, Dorian, Astaroth, Peppy, Lars, Phobos, Arachne, Orion, Heidi, Krista, Celeste, Satori, Helios, Maya, Kai, Lilith, Aurora, Faceless, Jorgen and Lian.

Brog can’t be affected by:
– Kai’s Fetters of the Wind, Faceless’s Doppelganger, Power Throw
– Phobos’s Paralysis
– Lian’s Enchantment
Brog can not be stunned, silenced, blinded or slowed, meaning he is immune to crowd control skills.

You can obtain Agility Skin Stones in the chest after defeating him.

Ilyssa the Weaver

She is immune to magic and melee attacks, that is why it is only possible to use the characters who deal physical damage from the distance: Artemis, Dark Star, Fox, Cornelius, Ginger, Jhu, Martha, Dante, Keira, Jet and Daredevil.

Illyssa can’t be affected by:
Dark Star’s Control
She can be stunned, but the stun duration is always reduced by half. 

You can obtain Strength Skin Stones in the chest after defeating her.

Vadjar the Incinerator

He  is immune to magic attacks and prevents ranged heroes from attacking. That is why it is only possible to use the characters who deal physical damage close range: Galahad, Rufus, Qing Mao, Chabba, Luther, K’arch, Ishmael and Cleaver.

Vadjar can’t be affected by:
Chabba’s Wild Hunger
K’arch’s Nexus of Horror

You can obtain Intelligence Skin Stones in the chest after defeating him.


After defeating any of these three bosses, you will be able to open Outland Chests. Chests can contain:

Outland Coins and Skin stones: Agility – after defeating Brog, Strength – after defeating Ilyssa. Intelligence – after defeating Vadjar.

Every first Chest after defeating the boss can be opened for free. Every other chest opening costs emeralds. Important note: Once you open two Chests in a row which costs emeralds, you will get free Skin Stones. Price of the chest increases, so does the reward you receive from it. There is no limit for Outland Chests opening.

Hopefully you will get a great loot from the Outland Chests!

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  1. This is supposed to be a Hero Wars mobile site but the information provided in the Outland section is for the Facebook game. Outland bosses in mobile only go to level 120 not 160 and as far as the information about the chests I am not sure about that on mobile either. Please verify this information.

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