Role: Mage, Support
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Chapter 9 – Treasure Island, Chapter 10 – Whirlpool, Chapter 13 – Stonemasons’ Village, Heroic Chests

What can you do if you are small, shy, and very cute? What if you really want to do good, but you have no energy left to struggle against evil? Young Peppy has found a solution! Her incredible performances bring cause for joy to the honest, common people of the Dominion. They are a serious problem for the greedy and the wicked.


Masquerade – deals magic damage to each rival, stunning, blinding or slowing them for 6 seconds.

Boldness – protects an ally with a shield sphere for 4 seconds. Sphere can damage nearby rivals if the protected ally receives damage.

Frolic – casts a beam that damages and stuns the nearest rival for 3 seconds.

Trickster – frolic gains a chance to deal double or quadruple damage.

Additional information: Peppy’s Soul Stones become available only in the later stages of the game. She is a very interesing hero and has some unique abilities. Peppy is rarely seen in top teams but could be more commonly seen in the second or third teams in the grand arena. Is she worth investing? Most likely yes.