Role: Mage, Control
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Chapter 3 – Outpost, Chapter 8 – Soul of the Volcano, Chapter 12 – The Lost Wonder, Heroic Chests

Sooner or later, the mind of every living creature succumbs to the cloying grip of fear. You cannot run, you cannot hide. Fear lives deep within us all. Phobos knows this, and awaits his time. If you fear death, you will die!


Paralysis – Stuns a random enemy for 6.6 seconds and “torments” their bodies, preventing them from attacking or using skills.

Trembling Hands – curses the nearest enemy, effectively reducing their ability to attack and deal out damage.

Dark Deal – strikes the nearest enemy with magic damage, heals the ally with the lowest health by an amount equal to the damage dealt.

Mage’s Terror – modifies the first skill: now it deals more damage and also burns the enemy’s energy.

Additional information: Phobos is one of the those early Heroes you could find during the early stages of the game. He’ is capable of dealing a lot of damage through his first skill. Overall Phobos is considered as a weak mage and is very rarely found in any top teams. It looks like he is not really worth investing.