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Have you been asking yourself “Why am I losing if I have more power?”, If so, this articatle is just for you! Perhaps every player sooner or later faces a situation when they lose to a team with a lower power.

First of all, it’s necessary to understand what does power actually mean?

Power shows us the amount of resources spent on improving a hero or titan. The more power they have – the more game values were spent on the character.

This tool is designed to provide an approximate idea of the strength of a hero, however, power does not participate in the calculations in the winner determination. Thus, it is worth remembering that this characteristic is exclusively auxiliary, and one should not perceive it as the most important factor.

Much more important aspects are the heroes selection and the synergy of their skills. Any hero has their own strengths and weaknesses. This means that some heroes may show themselves more or less effective depending on the situation. That is why, it is so crucial which heroes you choose for participation in the battle.

For instance, Celeste with her skill “Cursed Flame” is able to block the healing of enemy heroes, and then transfer it to damage. It is extremely effective against teams with healing abilities. In this case, it is rather complicated for her opponents to win even with a solid advantage in power.

Let’s say we already know that some characters can be effective against other ones. However, what about the situation when teams of the same rosters fight each other? Why can the weaker one win?

Here we should mention the mechanics of gaining energy. The fact is that the heroes are able to charge with the energy due to the damage received. They receive 1% of the energy column for every 1% of their health lost (Titans receive 0.5% of energy for 1% of their health lost).

The stats of a weak team are lower (for example, armor or magic defense), and therefore its heroes are dealt more damage, which allows them to gain energy faster and, as a result, be the first to use their skills. This fact provides them with a decisive advantage for victory in the battle.

At first glance, it might seem that in this case it makes no sense to improve the heroes, but this is not entirely true. Indeed, due to the peculiarities of energy obtainment, there may be a situation when a weak team prevails over a strong one. Nevertheless, with further improvement, this difference becomes insignificant, and the use of their skills first does not provide such an advantage over the opponent.

You might also encounter a situation when you win in the Arena, but at the same time lose in the Guild War (or vice versa) to the same player. Why does it happen so?

In fact, the structure of fights in the Arena and the Guild War is slightly different.

  • The automatic use of abilities on the Arena is on by default, while in the Guild War there is an opportunity to fight in manual mode. The ability which was used in time (or not in time) can often turn the tide of the battle.
  • In addition, there is a difference in the use of skills: in the Arena, the application of the first ability of any hero does not stop the game, while in the Guild War and in the campaign there is a slight pause before each use of the first ability. This pause can also change the order the abilities were used in. Such a situation is not uncommon: used the skills first – won, used the skills second – lost.

The last thing to remember is the influence of random aspects on the result of the battle. In one fight, the hero could deliver a critical strike 5 times, and in another battle, the critical strike might not work even once. In the same way, it works with dodging, or, for example, with artifacts.

Each battle is unique in its essence and a huge number of scenarios is possible. With the right choice of strategy and the heroes selection, you can easily defeat stronger teams. The game always provides opportunities for the tactical diversity that actually lies in its basics.

Hope this helps, good luck in your battles!

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