Powerful magic teams

Here are four very strong magic team combinations

Team 1

  1. Astaroth – gives armor to the whole team.
  2. Jorgen – increases magic attack, takes energy from the opponent.
  3. Orion – gives breaking through armor from magic.
  4. Dorian – here his main task is healing and aura for Orion and Helios.
  5. Helios – increases all magic attack.

This is one of the most powerful fives in the game. Of course, you have to upgrade it for real money, but you can wait for a special event and drag Dorian into it.

Team 2

  1. Astaroth – gives armor and protection against physical attacks.
  2. Krista – increases magic attack.
  3. Jorgen – also increases the magic attack and removes energy from opponents.
  4. Orion – gives breakthrough protection from magic.
  5. Lars – gives breaking through protection from magic.

Orion and Lars break through twice the defense. Krista and Jorgen increase their magical attack, while Astaroth gives armor. All five are harmoniously connected. Moreover, Lars and Krista give more benefit to the team in tandem.

Team 3

  1. Astaroth – protection against physical attacks, treatment, removes energy from the farthest enemy. Gives armor to the team.
  2. Elmir – gives penetration protection against magic.
  3. Cornelius – hits the intellectuals. Reduces the magic attack and defense of opponents, increases the team’s defense against magic.
  4. Faceless – gives a breakthrough of protection from magic and 4 skill increases the magical defense of the team, reduces the physical attack to opponents.
  5. Helios – gives armor to the team.

Team 4

  1. Krista – gives a magic attack.
  2. Jorgen – also gives a magic attack. Together with Krista it works even more efficiently.
  3. Orion – gives a breakthrough of protection from magic, which is why magicians hit harder.
  4. Lars – also gives a breakthrough of protection from magic.
  5. Helios – Gives armor to the entire team, protecting 1 row.

There is no tank in the top five, it plays this role, but one should not be scared. The fact is that the team has 2 characters who can fulfill this role and deal with it well. Krista holds the blow with 4 skills, hiding in a block of ice for 2 seconds, and restoring her health. The lump absorbs any incoming damage. Jorgen is tanking due to the fact that he has the main characteristic – power. He has many aspects to improve strength. Jorgen has an excellent armor rating and excellent protection against magic. In addition, the team has two wonderful ligaments: Krista and Lars, Orion and Helios.

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