Qing Mao

Role: Warrior
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Outland Shop

When Qing Long fell, his sister could not put up with her loss. Every night, she prayed to the dead gods of the Land of the Thousand Downs to give her brother back, and so they took pity and bound their souls together. The gods’ pity turned out to be a mockery, and in every battle Qing Mao suffers, releasing that which her brother has become.


Qing Long – Qing Mao summons her brother in the form of a dragon spirit that hits enemies three times, burns them for 5 seconds and pushes them back.

Spear of Dawn – blinds the nearest enemies and damages them.

Dragon’s Claw – deals damage to the nearest enemy based on their current health.

Open Heart – damages a target’s armor with each attack.

Additional information: Qing Mao can be summoned at the Outland Shop. She is not considered a top hero. However, Open Heart could be very useful against armor heavy teams. She is rarely seen in the top teams but makes could be very useful as a second or third team in the Grand Arena. Qing Mao is probably not worth a lot of investment.