Role: Tank / Support
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Grand Arena Shop

Who could’ve imagined that Rufus, the merry drunkard, would become one of the revered Guardians? He made a bet with Rakashi the demon, put his soul at stake, and chose a reliable method to win, by drinking his opponent down! Rufus won the bet, and the demon, confined within his shield, became his faithful friend and protector.


Rakashi’s Barrier – Rufus covers the team with a shield which absorbs all magic damage.

Rakashi’s Mockery – strikes the enemy with the greatest magic power, dealing damage over time.

Devourer of Magic – part of the damage absorbed by Rakashi’s Barrier is converted into the hero’s health.

Rakashi’s Oath – allows Rufus to only be killed by physical damage, with other forms of damage restoring a portion of Rufus’ health if he’s close to dying.

Additional information: Rakashi’s Barrier is great against heavy magic damage teams. His another abilities allows him to stand in front of enemies for a long time making Rufus a great front line Hero. He can definitely replace Galahad or Judge by later stages of the game as Rufus Soul Stones can be found in the Grand Arena shop. Rufus can be seen in top teams and is worth investing.