Rumour – Yasmine to mobile

There are rumours, that within Halloween event a new hero will be introduced to the mobile scene. This hero is very well known for the players from Facebook – it is Yasmine!

In order to be prepare for the upcoming announcement, we’ve have gathered information about her skills, possible team compositions and more.

Yasmine is the newest hero for Hero Wars Facebook and she’s a damage dealer who relies on her dodge skill. Yasmine is a top tier damage dealer (similar to Keira). Because of her high DPS – she could be countered by Helios.

Role: Warrior
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Heroic Chests or during special event
Glyphs: Physical attack, Agility, Health, Dodge, Critical hit chance

Years spent in slavery made her forget how to love, replacing the sweet feelings with bitterness and defiance. Her master’s favorite dancer and most dangerous weapon, that’s who Yasmine was. Now that the young woman has escaped, her wounded soul is crying out for vengeance!

Dance of Death – Yasmine paralyzes the last enemy who attacked her for 3 seconds, appears behind their back, hits 7 times, and applies the Assassin’s Mark. While Dance of Death is active, Yasmine is immune to debuffs. When it ends, she returns to the previous position and continues attacking the marked enemy with basic attacks.

Assassin’s Instinct – when Dance of Death is activated, Yasmine’s critical hit chance and Dodge are increased for 10 seconds.

Embrace of Pain – Yasmine’s critical hits poison the enemy. When the poison is re-applied to a poisoned enemy, the duration of the poison debuff is refreshed, and the damage stacks up to 10 times.

Unknown Toxin – Blocks a portion of healing received by enemies poisoned by Yasmine.

Note! It is important to note, that mentioned skills and their duration times are taken from the Facebook version. Duration of skills and their damage might be subject to change in the Mobile.

Possible team compositions

Andvari, Yasmine, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha – In Facebook version, this team composition was proven to be a great counter for K’arkh and Twins team compositions.

Andvari, Yasmine, Nebula, Jet, Sebastian – Similarly to the blender team composition, where your main DPS dealer is Keira and you build your team composition to support her, Yasmine could be a perfect fit or replacement of Keira.

Hope you guys found this information useful and it will help you to decide whether Yasmine is worth investing or not. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Please let us know in the comments your opinion on Yasmine.

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