Runic Rumble

Let’s all welcome Fafnir to Dominion, he is the new guardian added to the game. Together with his release, we will also have an amazing event – Runic Rumble. Event will start on 13th of April and will last until the 19th. Let’s find out what to expect in the upcoming days.

Runic Rumble
13/04/2022 – 19/04/2022

  1. Spend energy – Repeatable
  2. Gather Titanite
  3. Spend Emeralds
  4. Open Outland chests – Repeatable
  5. Score VIP points
  6. Gather Hero soulstones
  7. Promote Fafnir
    From Green to Orange+4
  8. Daily login

Runic Rumble event is going to be somewhat similar to what we saw in Gate of Chaos event when Xe’Sha was introduced to the game. It is going to be a one week event where you will complete event missions and gather Runestones which will provide a possibility to attack enemies. By winning against enemies, you will gather coins which you will be able to trade for a new hero Fafnir or various great items.

During the event there will be a mission map with enemies (enemies will be changed on daily basis):

You will be able to buy a new hero Fafnir and various items from Fafnir’s shop:

You will be able to unlock 2 star Fafnir by using 1000 coins. There will also be a possibility to upgrade his stars by spending more coins.

You could also buy Runic Chests, which have a lot of cool stuff in it. Let’s have a look!

Mega prize – level 40 Lian’s beach skin which will provide additional health stats.

Watch full official video here:

We hope that you guys will enjoy the Runic Rumble event and the new hero Fafnir. Please let us know what you think about Fafnir in the comments.

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