Role: Mage
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Heroic Chests, Special Events

The night and the winter forest were the sole witnesses to a wild silver fox and a newborn child sleeping, curled against each other for warmth to their final breath. Which of them made the choice, which gave up everything to save another’s living soul?


Ravenous Attack – basic attacks deal out magic damage and plant Fox Fire marks on enemies, causing further damage once the skill is activated.

Spirit Banishment – Satori attacks all enemies, dealing damage and playing a Fox Fire mark.

Centurial Wisdom – successful basic attacks steal Intelligence from enemies and restore Satori’s health by 200 percent of the damage dealt.

Looming Justice – Satori applies Fox Fire marks to enemies each time they gain bonus energy.

Additional information: Satori is a great mage hero who applies marks on enemies. He is definitely worth investing. He can do a lot of damage if Satori is well protected by the tanks and receives consitent heals from Martha, Thea or any other healer. Satory is commonly seen in top teams, especially various mage combinations.