Role: Support
Main stat: Agility
How to get? Special Events

A bard’s trade isn’t easy in these tough times. Only the ever-faithful lute passed down from his master can still warm Sebastian’s heart and cheer those around him. Oh, and his musket, of course, but that’s reserved for warming the hearts of enemies.


Ballad of Tenacity – conjures a shield that protects allies from stun and curse effects and weakens as the team sustains damage.

Hunter’s Tune – increases allies’ critical hit chance for 5 seconds. Doesn’t apply to heroes who don’t have the stat.

Curse Song – at the start of the battle, Sebastian curses the nearest enemy, decreasing their armor. The curse is lifted on Sebastian’s death.

Rhythm of War – Sebastian and his allies deal extra pure damage on critical hits.

Additional information: Sebastian could be found during an exclusive Music Over Strongford special event and Heroic Chests. If you have a heavy critical hit and physical damage team, Sebastian can play a perfect role which would benefit whole team. Sebastian is a situational hero which could improve your team battles significantly. He’s worth investing and could be found in top teams.