Sneak peeks

Recently u/Ellie_Melnikova had published some sneak peeks and development team’s plans for the nearest future! It is important to note that release dates of some of the described updates is still unknown.

New content for guilds & Titan Artifacts

In the new mode you will have to challenge a new boss – the multi-headed Hydra. Hydra will have several difficulty modes. As the difficulty increases, so will the rewards for victory. Each of Hydra’s six heads will have unique characteristics, which means you’ll need to find a different approach to each one and plan your attack strategy together with your guildmates. The more heads of Hydra you will defeat – the more rewards each guild member will receive.

As a reward for winning against Hydra, you will receive resources to awaken and increase Titan Artifacts. Titan Artifacts will work similarly to Hero Artifacts – each Titan’s Artifact weapon will give bonus characteristics to the entire team when the Titan uses the first skill. Artifact crowns will help in battles against Titans of certain elements and Artifact seals will enhance the stats of Titans.

Hero Revamp: Helios

In the future update, Helios – the Light Servant, is another hero who will be getting a boost. His skills will do more damage and stand up to the forces of evil even more effectively.

New hero

As far as we know, development team has started working on the new hero that will join the Dominion. Details about his skills and strengths is not revealed yet.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming back to Dominion together with Leprecats. It is likely that this event will happen during March.

Hero Update: Judge

Judge’s skills will be reworked. He will be more effective in protecting allies from all kinds of damage, as well as seriously slowing down and stunning enemies.

Interface changes

Merchant interface will become more convenient. The number of items in your inventory will be displayed next to the item’s icon. The first refresh of the Merchant’s goods will be free now.

There will be additional changes in the skins tab – all the stats will be displayed in one tab, while you will be able to choose skins in the other one.

What do you guys think about the new updates and changes? What role and skills will the new hero have? Please let us know in the comments.

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