Team compositions #3

Previous post about Top teams list #2 received a lot of popularity. To continue this good habit, we have a list of interesting and some uncommon team compositions in Hero Wars (mobile).

Corvus teams

Keira, Corvus, Morrigan, Sebastian, Jet (one of the strongest team compositions)

Elmir, Corvus, Sebastian, Daredevi, Dorian (in case you haven’t leveled Keira, you can use Daredevil)

Corvus, Keira, Morrigan, Faceless, Phobos (great against mage teams)

Tristan’s blessed team

Galahad, Tristan, Daredevil, Helios, Thea (Daredevil can be swapped with any other leveled DPS)

Yasmine teams

Cleaver, Yasmine, Keira, Sebastian, Peppy (unique team, but once leveled is really strong and hard to beat)

Astaroth, Yasmine, Sebastian, Jorgen, Jet (very strong team which can be used both: offensively and defensively)

Strong defensive teams

Cleaver, Faceless, Jorgen, Peppy, Martha (one of the strongest defense teams for Arena and Grand arena)

Aurora, Jorgen, Celeste, Faceless, Helios (probably the strongest defensive team which is very hard to beat)

That’s it for now folks, we hope that you will find these team compositions useful. If you would like to see more posts such as this, please let us know it in the comments. Good luck in your battles!

3 thoughts on “Team compositions #3

  1. Mam Corvus + Yasmine + Morrigan + Celeste + Martha and Oliver niby mocni ale coś nie do końca działa 🙁 . Co jest nie tak ?

  2. Any composition for heidi’s team? Would love to build a team around Heidi. right now I am stuck with aurora-nebula-heidi.

    Thinking if adding alvanor and thea for elf aurora synergy, but Maya seems promising albeit the position is not favourable. I hope magic-dodge-pure damagae team will be awesome

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