Role: Healer
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Chapter 2 – Wilheim, Chapter 4 – Gravehall Estate, Chapter 7 – Titan Plains, Heroic Chests

Was that the sunrise, or did Thea glance at the battlefield? Wrapping wounded fighters in a wave of warmth, the healer of the Old Grove gifts them with new life.

Solar Sanctuary – heals all members of the team.

Healing Beam – heals the ally with the lowest health.

Vow of Silence (silences enemies for 3 seconds by placing magic marks above enemies.

Second Wind – passively increases the speed of skills for each ally when the ally’s health drops below 30%.

Additional information: Thea is a great healer, as majority of her skills heals your team. She is also easily obtainable as she can be found in very early stages of the game. It is also quite easy to farm her Soul Stones and evolve her stars. Thea is among top 3 healers in the game and is for sure worth investing. She could be often found in top teams but is usually out-stared by Martha.