Made by u/AstarothCeleste 06.11.2019

Explanations for Hero placement will be included and any suggestions or criticism is welcome.

S Tier – Necessary

Astaroth – Incredible tank, obtainable early – game and always a worthwhile investment
Jorgen – He is a great support. Steals energy from the enemy and prevents energy gain, Pairs well with the twins and other magic Heroes
Martha – Possibly the best healer in the game
Cleaver – Rare chest drop but powerful physical tank if you’re lucky enough to obtain him
Nebula – Increases the physical and magical attack of two adjacent heroes, great for boosting Keira, K’arkh, Celeste, Jhu, etc.
Celeste – Versatile Hero, very strong healer or magic damage dealer. Great counter to other healers

A Tier – Powerful synergy and combinations

The Blender – Any great Tank hero, Keira, Neb, Seb, Jet Tank is usually Andvari but can be subbed with Cleaver.
Lars+Krista – Classic magic combo, pairs well with Jorgen, Orion, Helios, Dorian, Martha, Arachne, Celeste, and plenty of others. Fairly strong counter to Keira teams
Asta,K’arkh+Faceless – Very strong physical combo, K’arkh has massive damage output and faceless (ideally) copies his Ult. Filler supports include (nebula or jorgen+Martha) (Nebula, Jorgen, Helios [Pick any two]), or (Seb and Jet). Astaroth is the ideal tank since he sits further back allowing “splash” damage to hit K’arkh enabling K’arkh to ult faster.
Satori – Very powerful mage especially against Jorgen, Orion, Andvari, or any other hero that generates energy faster. Can be run with many different supports but teams generally center around making Satori the primary damage dealer. This ensures that the other team is ulting as little as possible while Satori distributes his fox marks. Some example teams include Asta, Maya, Satori, Jorgen, Thea; or Cleaver, Andvari/Jorgen/Cornelius, Celeste, Satori, Martha.
Jhu – Powerful solo damage dealer, attacks the backline. Due to his abilities/ult, he spends a lot of time at low health and is thus benefited by Martha and in particular Thea. Dorian and Nebula are also beneficial supports respectively as well as Sebastian or Jorgen.
Cleaver/Peppy – Peppy’s boldness combined with Cleaver’s putrifaction results in heavy magic damage to the enemy front line
Elmer/Qing Mao – Very high AP once maxed, both have the capacity to shred Astaroth fairly quickly. Excellent Heroes but require a ton of investment

A- / B+ Tier – Useful Supports and Strong Tanks

While Ishmael is presently underwhelming (due to insufficient Armour Penetration, Ziri is still one of the strongest tanks in the game with very high armour and ridiculously high health. She functions best with Twins but can be very difficult to kill generally when invested.
Aurora – Very capable tank especially with her halloween skin, dodge vs physical teams and magic reflection vs mage teams. Aurora Peppy is a strong counter to Cleaver Peppy.
This combination is powerful mid-game but drops off late-game since Martha especially but other heroes as well can out DPS/out heal Orion’s barrage. I personally used it well up until ~220k but above that you begin to run into difficulties. It’s also particularly weak to Satori.
Galahad – Solid physical tank, Obtained early game (Starter Character) and soul stones are easily farm-able Can be very powerful late game but requires full investment as well as the right supports. Works well with Crit teams as well as Qing Mao. Can also sub as a tank for the blender (Galahad, Keira, Neb, Seb, Jet. Another interesting Galahad example includes Gala, Qing, Seb, Cornelius, Jet)
Rufus – Moderate tank generally speaking, but his Ult shuts down magic based teams. Rufus must be sufficiently strong to absorb the magic damage that would hit the rest of your team. If he is not, what usually happens is the rest of your team will die quickly, leaving Rufus left.
Cornelius – Strong anti-magic Hero providing magic defense buffs and suppression of enemy magic attack
Andvari – Counters K’arkh/Very powerful support Hero. Can be used to tank in certain scenarios. Great for stun as well as countering Cleaver/K’arkh.

Thea – Solid healer, obtainable early game and easily farm-able soul stones Provides the best AOE heals in the game. Excellent with Jhu, Satori, and many others

B Tier – Potentially useful / niche counters

Peppy – Magic user that pairs very well with Cleaver (provides stun/blinding/shielding)

Luther – Disrupts backrow, Luther seems to shine with Markus (post-skill updates)

Lian – Excellent counter to AOE heroes, particularly Keira. Requires moderate Health investment but can counter stronger keira’s while only around 40k-45k.
Fox – Provides blind, great K’arkh counter
Daredevil – Improved with the updates to her skills, still a bit of a glass cannon but heavy damage dealer with the right supports.

C Tier – Strong mid-game Heroes with not enough scaling

Ginger – Strong marksman but outperformed by other Heroes late-game
Astrid and Lucas – Good back-line tank but inconsistent
Arachne – Strong mid-game, Tends to drop off late-game
Kai – Has some synergy with K’arkh but sees very little play late-game
Dark Star/Artemis – Can be very powerful with the right supports, but require intense investment

C- Tier – lacking utility

Chabba /Lilith/ Judge

F Tier – Not worth investing

Mojo / Heidi / Phobos / Dante

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  1. Very good teir list tho I just wanted to say two things: 1. Aurora have a very useful tank can sub for astaroth (when with cain) in meta teams. 2. Dante is not worth investing on mobile but it DEFINITELY worth it on web he has insane damage output comparing to Keira. He also does well on dodge teams with aurora

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