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Here is a list of current top teams of Hero Wars (mobile). Last update April 18th 2020.

Twins combination: Martha, Krista, Jorgen, Lars, Astaroth
Krista and Lars have watermark abilities that adds additional damage to everyone that’s marked. Martha is one of the best, if currently not the best healer in the game. Jorgen’s ability to drain energy from the enemy team is crucial and Astaroth is just an amazing tank.

Critical damage team: Jet, Jhu, Nebula, Galahad, Sebastian
Alternative team: Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Jet, Cleaver
Jhu has a good crit by himself, addition of Sebastian, Nebula and Jet, increases teams critical damage significantlyt. You will be amazed how much damage this team deals.

Shadow fighters: Elmir, Daredevil, Dark Star, Jet, Ziri
This is basically the only time you could really utilize using any of these heroes (except of Jet). Ziri’s burrow allows Elmir to get hit and jump back while he creates four clones. Dark Star uses her shadow, that along with Jet, would give eight possible attackers behind Daredevil. Her ability Fire Support attacks an additional time for everyone behind her that attacks which is the key combination of this team.

Knock them up: Nebula, K’arkh, Faceless, Martha, Astaroth
Each hero of this team plays a crucial role. Astaroth can revive K’arkh while Faceless copies K’arkh or other hero first skill. Nebule provides a buff to the nearby allies. Martha heals keep the team alive long enough to obliterate the most teams. This one of the most popular top arena teams.

Tons of damage: Keira, Nebula, Fox, Martha, Astaroth
High and fast output damage team. There is one key thing with this team combination, everyone has to stay alive long enough for Martha to speed things up, once that’ s done – it is over.

Powerful synergy: Nebula, Orion, Helios, Dorian, Astaroth
This team is based on the pure synergy between each hero. Nebula’s buffs, Dorian’s skills, Astaroth tankiness and revive ability. Worth to mention that Helios plays a crucial role in this team.

Celeste’s friends: Celeste, Nebula, Lian, Faceless, Lilith
While Faceless cpies Celestes skill and Liliths adds health ability, if this team combination hits right, you should be able to see mass health destruction which would completely destroy your opponents team.

No energy: Satori, Nebula, Jorgen, Martha, Astaroth
Energy displacement with addition of energy and speed. If your team is leveled up right, enemy team is supposed to die before getting to use all or most of their abilities. Satory plays a huge role in this team as a main damage dealer. This team combination is very popular and could be often found in the top arena rankings.

Mage counter: Satori, Nebula, Cornelius, Martha, Rufus
A very situational team combination which could be used as a counter in arena / grand arena against full magic team. Last resort against an all mage team that you can not beat usually beat.

Physical damage counter: Andvari, Maya, Helios, Faceless, Astaroth
This is also a very situational team combination which could be used as a counter in arena / grand arena against full physical damage team. Last resort against an all physical team, especially against Cleaver or Galahad.

Important notice! Currently there are no perfect teams in the game. Every team combination could be destroyed. It is highly recommended to choose what suits you and your playstyle the best. Invest wisely – don’t waste gold or any other resources on heroes that you are not going to use.

Good luck!
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  1. I use astaroth/karkth/nebula/faceless/martha and that is a anti twins team and i also use astaroth/karkth/nebula/sebastion ant jet. that makes karkths ultimate do around 1 million damage.

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