Role: Warrior
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Heroic Chests or during special event.
Special: Blessed

A veteran warrior and skilled leader, Tristan was tasked by the Emperor of the Dominion with assembling a squad against demons. Armed with the most powerful weapon from the palace armory, the Blessed One sets out to accomplish his great mission.


Purifier’s Wrath – Tristan unleashes the might of the Demonic Reliquary on nearby enemies, dealing damage.

Righteous Zeal – Tristan invokes the Light to grant righteous zeal to himself and allies in front of him, increasing physical attack for 5 seconds.

Judge of Sorcerers – Tristan releases the demonic souls imprisoned in the Demonic Reliquary. They target the enemy with the highest magic penetration stat. Each hit deals damage and burns energy. The skill triggers once for each Blessed One in the team. If none of the enemies have the magic penetration stat, the demons target the furthest enemy instead.

Blessed Vanguard – whenever an ally in front of Tristan gains energy, Tristan gains the same amount of energy.

Additional information: It is going to be a very difficult task to maximize his stars as you cannot find his soul stones in the campaign. However, if you manage to power him up, Tristan seems to be a very strong hero. He is good against mage team compositions as his skill – Judge of Sorcerers targets heroes with the most magic penetration stats.Together with his Blessed One fellows, Tristan might create very strong and interesting teams.