Role: Mage, Support
Main stat: Intelligence
Where to get? Special events
Special: Chaotic

Exiled to faraway worlds, she is overwhelmed by her doubts and knows well the bitterness of loss. Her magic is born of pain, and as the pain grows on and on, so do her powers. How long until she can no longer control them? No one knows.


Deadly Ray – Xe’Sha drains percentage amount from the max health of any allies with over 25% of their health currently remaining, then attacks the enemy with the lowest magic defense. The damage dealt depends on the damage dealt to allies and Xe’Sha’s magic attack. If the target is killed as a result, allies recover double the health they lost. Xe’Sha’s basic attacks deal magic damage and scale with Magic Attack.

Spiritual Power – Xe’Sha fills her allies with power, damaging them by the percentage of their max health if their current health is above 25%. The empowered heroes gain a magic attack bonus for 4.0 seconds. The bonus is doubled for Chaotic heroes.

Crimson Mist – Xe’Sha shrouds the battlefield in mist for 4.0 seconds, causing enemy basic attacks to miss.

Soaring Might – whenever an ally loses health from allied skills, Xe’Sha gains a permanent magic attack bonus of 25% of the health lost by the ally.

Additional information: Xe’Sha is one of the core heroes in the Chaotic team. She provides a huge boost of magic attack to her allies and can be a really tricky hero to deal with. Xe’Sha and Chaotic team compositions can be seen at the higher ranks in the Arena.