Role: Tank
Main stat: Strength
How to get? Guild War Shop

Akhreb Ummi, oh great Mother of Scorpios, help your devoted child. I, Ziri, swear to become your eyes and senses. I will not succumb to anger, nor will I show an enemy mercy. Akhreb’s body will help protect me from pain, Akhreb’s spirit will help me tell Light from Darkness. Come, Akhreb Ummi!

Focus of Hatred – Ziri temporarily increases her armor and magic defense. Taunts the enemy team, forcing them to attack her for 8 seconds.

Reflection of Pain- reflects 100 percent of the damage at the attacker for 8 seconds.

Shelter of Sands – Ziri burrows in the sand for 7 seconds to avoid damage and regenerate health if her health is below 20 percent. It can only be done every 15 seconds.

Akhreb Ummi – stuns and throws back nearby enemies and launches second skill after Ziri unburrows.

Additional information: Ziri can be a good addition to your front line as she is a great tank. Her abilities makes her hard to kill as she could heal herself and reflect a lot of damage. However, Ziri is hard to get, it is especially hard to farm her soul stones as they can be found only in the Guild War shop. Ziri is commonly found in top teams and is definitely worth investing.