Judge got stronger!

Judge – one of the first Guardians of Dominion, just got stronger! Due to the new heroes being added to the game and his abilities not providing much value in the most team compositions, Judge’s skills and it’s his unique characteristics were reworked. Let’s see what has changed.

Judge’s shield absorbs all types of damage, including pure damage. Shield now protects two allies at once, making him a serious obstacle for the attacking team. Judge’s abilities now stun enemies and his Artifact Weapon provides Magic Attack. This gives a lot of potential to create a variety of combinations and to adjust the position of Judge’s shield in your team.

What do you guys think about the Judge rework? Please let us know in the comments.

1 thought on “Judge got stronger!

  1. When are these changes happening? I love judge but don’t have any reason to keep throwing resources into him.

    People just need a reason to play him. He’s incredibly underwhelming. It could open the door for some cool new teams with these changes.

    Could be an opportunity to target new players cause he looks exciting.

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