Cornelius revamp & New skins

Rumours are here! At some point in the upcoming weeks we’ll have new set of skins being added to the game. Three new Lunar and three Romantic skins will be available for purchase.

New Lunar skins

Lunar Andvari – Skin will provide additional magic resist stats.
Lunar Fox – Skin will provide additional armor penetration stats.
Lunar Mojo – Skin will provide additional health stats.

New Romantic skins

We can guess that these new Romantic skins will become available for purchase during St. Valentines event.

Romantic Jet – Skin will provide additional dodge stats.
Romantic Orion – Skin will provide additional armor stats.
Romantic Celeste – Skin will provide additional armor stats.

Cornelius revamp

Changes described below don’t affect the main effects of Cornelius skills. These skills will work in the same way they did before.

We would like to say huge thanks to LoadRunner, without him this wouldn’t be possible!

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