Winterfest 2020

As recently posted, new hero Alvanor, new winter skins and many more changes are coming. In addition to that – Winterfest event is about to begin! Winterfest event will start on 22nd of December and will last until 4th of January.

Winterfest event is going to be somewhat similar to what we seen in November’s event “Surrender to the Void”. A week or more length event where you will be able to gather coins and spend them for various items and heroes.

During event you will be able to buy a new hero Alvanor or Dark Star. Winterfest plaza:

Alvanor can be purchased by using blue/green coins. These coins can be also exchanged for various goods:

Dark Star Can be purchased by using purple coins. These coins can be also exchanged for various goods:

Winterfest tree events

There will be eight special events during the period:

  1. Day After Day – Days Login
  2. Treasure Hunter – Open Tower chests
  3. Expeditions
  4. Thea’s Ascension
  5. Aurora’s Ascension
  6. Kai’s Ascension
  7. Dark Star’s Ascension
  8. Alvanor’s Ascension

Winterfest pass

Similarly to what happened in September, Battle pass for Winterfest event will make its come back. If you’ll purchase Winterfest pass you will unlock more various rewards from Winterfest Season events:

  1. The Path of Wisdom – Open Heroic chests
  2. Successful Fighter – Win with different Heroes on Arena
  3. Weapons of Light – Receive items
  4. Crystal Depths – Titanite
  5. Outland Treasures – Open outland chests
  6. Fusion of Souls – Get Hero soul stones
  7. Mover and Shaker – Spending Energy
  8. Souls Saved – Destroy enemies

Each completed event quest will grant you Battle Pass points. The more points you have, the higher level you reach. Within each level you will unlock great rewards.

As you can see, some of new winter skins can be found in these rewards!

Winterfest box rewards

Thanks to LoadRunner

If you want to know more about a new hero Alvanor or newly introduced winter skins, you can read about them in this post: New hero: Alvanor, Dark Star rework & new winter skins

Important note: Arachne, Andvari, Lilith and Martha winter skins are now deleted from Outland rewards and are available to purchase via skin stones.

Watch full video here:

A lot of new and exciting things are coming to the game just in 2 days, stay tuned!

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  1. Need more low lvl and mid artifacts need more energy potions need to rotate the farming items available areas farming one spot 1 thousand times to get 1 item is stupid. If you’re not in a big guild for this event join 1

  2. Hi, I am almost done with my event but in the ”weapons of light” section i had 1 weapon type that was there 2 times so i completed the first one but the second one stays at 0/26 item collected and this will prevent me from getting to level 29 since we need everything done to do so. Is there a way to fix this bug so i can complete the rewards.

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