Wintry Wonders & New Hero Amira

Let’s all welcome Amira to Dominion, she is the new guardian added to the game. Together with her release, we will also have an amazing event – Wintry Wonders. The last event of the year will start on 22th of December and will last until the 4th of January! Let’s find out what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

New hero – Amira

Role: Mage, Support
Main stat: Intelligence
How to get? Heroic Chests or during special event.
Special: Mystic

Together with Amira’s release, we will also see a new Specialty introduced to the game – Mystic! Paired with other Mystic heroes: Martha, Celeste, Rufus, Satori and Ziri, we might see some really cool team compositions. Make sure to try them out!

Amira’s skills

New Winter skins

Winter Orion – Skin will provide additional Magic attack stats.
Winter Luther – Skin will provide additional Magic defense stats.
Winter Dorian – Skin will provide additional Magic defense stats.

Wintry Wonders
22/12/2021 – 04/01/2022

  1. Spend energy
  2. Gather Titanite
  3. Spend Emeralds
  4. Open Outland chests
  5. Open Tower chests
  6. Promote Amira
    From Green to Orange+4
  7. Promote Satori
    From Green to Orange+4
  8. Daily login

Similarly as during Dominions Day event, you will be able to gather Festive Baubles which will grow the Festive tree. The higher Festive tree level is – the more Amira’s and Satori’s coins you will receive. By completing event missions, you will have a possibility to gather even more coins and by using these coins you’ll be able to buy Amira and Satori or useful items from the shops.

Amira shop

Satori shop

Festive chest rewards

Watch full official video here:

❗ As soon as we’ll have more information about the event’s missions and quests – we’ll update this page. Stay tuned and let us know what you think about the new hero Amira and the Wintry Wonders event.

5 thoughts on “Wintry Wonders & New Hero Amira

  1. The information on the skins is incorrect.
    The Winter Orion skin provides Magic Penetration not Magic Attack, likewise the Winter Luther skin provides health not Magic Defense and the Winter Dorian skin is incorrectly named Spring Dorian.
    Otherwise good article

    1. why are you lying? it’s christmas, no reason to lie Liar-Calamity.
      Orion gives MA
      Luther gives MD
      Dorians skins name is correct as well

      have fun with your lies

  2. I dont know if they made changes to the game after the comments above were made. But I bought Dorians skin and it is called winter in game. I also bought Orion’s skin and it is magic attack. So the artticle is correct.

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