April update sneak peak UPDATED

A few weeks ago we had a sneak peak about what’s coming to the game in the nearest future. This time let’s have a closer look and check what is going to be released in April.

New content for Guilds – Hydra

It is now confirmed that Titan artifacts together with a new content for Guilds – Hydra will be released in April. You can read more about the mechanics of Hydra and Titan artifacts in our previous post.

Titan artifacts

Sneak peak at Titan artifacts
Sneak peak at Titan artifacts

New Skins

As you know, 1st of April is all about jokes and pranks, but on a serious note, three Guardians are going to get new Masquerade skins. From the looks of it, we can guess that Thea, Judge and Helios will receive new skins and additional stats.

29th of March update!

Masquerade Thea – Skin will provide additional Health stats.

Masquerade Judge – Skin will provide additional Magic defense stats.

Masquerade Helios – Skin will provide additional Magic defense stats.

Along with Masquerade Skins, a fun new Special Event will be launched.

Blessed Lands

Not too many details besides an introductional text were released: “Danger looms over Celestial City, the ancient stronghold of the Guardians of Dominion… A new Guardian is on his way to aid his allies in their fight against the forces of darkness!”
What do you guys think this new event will be about?

New Hero – Tristan

In April, Tristan will join the ranks of the Guardians of Dominion! Tristan is a front line warrior. More details about his skills will be released soon enough!

New Special Feature – Blessed

Seven heroes will unite in a new alliance under the banner of Strongford. There are no details which heroes it is going to be, but we can guess that it might be Tristan, Luther, Markus, Helios, Cornelius, Rufus and Artemis.

Hero Update and Revamp: Judge and Helios

Judge and Helios changes will take effect in early April. Change details are to be announced.

VIP Shop

VIP Shop slots requirements:
1-3: VIP 1
4: VIP 2
5: VIP 3
6: VIP 4
7: VIP 5
8: VIP 6
9: VIP 7
10-12: VIP 8
13: VIP 9
14: VIP 10
15: VIP 11
16: VIP 12
17: VIP 13
18: VIP 14
19: VIP 15

What do you guys think about the upcoming updates in April? Do you look forward to the new hero and Masquerade skins? Please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hi ! You said that Helios is going to update in the early April ? So when is it going to update? Or the update you said is just adding the blessed feature into it? Because I’m still wondering if I’m going to train it . So please give me a answer about this

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