Dante rework, New skins, Astral season and Battle pass

As it was recently leaked, during September there is going to be an interesting introduction to the game – Battle pass. In addition to this, Dante is also getting a rework. In this post you can find more details about what’s coming up.

Last update – 15.09.2020

Old: Speed 300
Formula: 0.5 * Physical attack + 70 * Skill level
New: speed 1000, knockback (distance 100, time 0.3)
Formula: 0.95 * Physical attack + 85 * Skill level. 4 hits

Second skill
Duration 7, Cooldown 14, First cooldown 4
Formula: 0.1 * Physical attack + 25 * Skill level

Third skill
Knockback (100, 0.3), cooldown 0.1
Formula: 0.9 * Physical attack + 40 * Skill level – 650

Fourth skill
Duration 7
Formula: 0.06 * Physical attack + 20 * Skill level

In addition to these changes, Dante does also get a new skin: Solar skin
Dante’s Solar skin will provide additional Physical attack stats.

Dante is not the only one who is receiving new skins. Martha and Faceless will also have an addition of brand new Solar skins.

Martha’s Solar skin will provide additional Magic resist stats.

Same as Martha, Faceless’s Solar skin will also provide additional Magic resist stats:

Astral season & Battle Pass
09/19/2020 – 09/26/2020

Astral Season missions

  1. Days Login
  2. Win with different Heroes on the Arena
  3. Start Expeditions
  4. Complete heroic mission
  5. Strike down the highwayman
  6. Outland chest openings
  7. Tower chest openings
  8. Titanite Contribution

Requirement: team level 15

There is not that much known about the Battle Pass and how it is going to work, but here are quite a few things which should be possible:

It is a special event which is going to be available to the teams from level 15. It will provide special awards and various quests.
The Battle Pass is most likely going to be a multiplier of these awards, so you would get even more various items, gold and more.

It is also very likely that within a Battle Pass you might receive:
A unique frame and avatar
x2 energy recovery until the season end
Unique seasonal quests
Unique bonuses
Access to all rewards

Astral casket, coffer and chest

Astral casket rewards:
Artifact Chest Key
Astral Casket
Great enchantment rune
Titan potion – 100
Huge EXP Potion

Astral Coffer rewards:
Arena coin – 30
Highwaymen Coins – 30
Outland Coin – 30
Spark of Power – 1
Gold – 10000
Common enchantment rune
Big EXP Potion

Astral Chest rewads:
Chest of Supertitans – 200
Astral Casket – 1000
Astral Coffer – 100
Faceless soul stones – 100
Martha soul stones – 100
Sebastian soul stones – 100
Corvus soul stones – 100
Morrigan soul stones – 100

Battle Pass avatar

Battle Pass frame

Each completed quest during the event will grant you Battle Pass points. The more points you have, the higher level you reach. Within each level you will unlock great rewards.

Golden Pass is purchasable, it is going cost 400 conventional units which is approx. 1000 VIP points. In addition to rewards, Golden Pass double speed your receiving energy.

Battle Pass rewards

You will receive an Astral Casket once the maximum experience for an each level is reached.

What do you guys think about Dante’s rework, new skins and upcoming Battle pass? Let us know in the comment section below.

Huge thanks to LoadRunner, without him this wouldn’t be possible.

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