Energy is one of the most essential resources in the game, because without it, you cannot really play the game. Energy in Hero Wars Mobile can refer to:
– Resource to start missions in the Campaign
– Energy bar which is shown below Heroes or Titans in battles

Energy used in the Campaign

Energy regeneration rate is 1 energy gained by each 6 minutes. Max energy limit is determined by your team level. Players can also receive 60 energy from the Daily Quests three times per day.

More energy can be bought by using emeralds, you just need to click on the energy icon at the top right of the screen.

Buy energy by using emeralds

You can also buy bottled energy from the town shop. By doing so you can stack those bottles of energy for the upcoming events.
The cost for buying energy using emeralds increases, but it resets at the end of the game day.

1-2 purchases12050
3-7 purchases120100
8-13 purchases120150
14+ purchases120200
Bottled energy200300

You get some free energy once your team reaches a higher team level. Another way to get more energy is by using the theater feature, watching one advertisement will give you one theater ticket, it can be exchanged for 12 energy.

Energy during battles

Energy which is shown during the battle is used to activate the ultimate (or also known as the first skill) of the most Heroes and Titans. By attacking, using skills, taking damage, or killing opponents your Heroes and Titans gain energy.

Full energy bar indicating that Hero ultimates can be used

Energy during battles is shown as the yellow bar displayed under the health bar of your Hero or Titan. If energy bar is fully charged, the border has a burning frame, which indicates that Hero or Titan skill is ready to use. Once ultimate is activated, energy depletes and the bar goes to 0. Energy bar during battles caps at 100% / 1,000 energy.

Energy gain for HeroesEnergy gain for Titans
Basic attack and skills10% / 100 energy20% / 200 Energy
Losing 1% of health or dodge1% / 10 energy0.5% / 5 Energy
Killing blow30% / 300 energy30% / 300 Energy

Important note: A successful dodge grants energy equal to the potentially lost Health.

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