Beginners guide

Welcome heroes to the beginner’s guide. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, increase your team’s overall power and level your heroes faster in the game.

Basic team building guidelines

You want a wall in front of the team to absorb attacks and give your team time to build up energy to cast their spells. That’s where tanks come in. All tanks are walls, remember that when building them. They have to stand there and take all the damage. It is very important to concentrate on tank’s armor and health. You shouldn’t be worried about their attack damage, tanks tend to do very little damage anyway. Some tanks have special attributes that could be used in certain scenarios, but all in all, they’re just walls for simplicity. Don’t be bothered too much if your tanks are based on magic or physical stats, it doesn’t matter much. Tanks should usually be your highest developed heroes next to your damage dealer.

The key of any team is the main damage dealer. These are heroes that do the most damage, all the other heroes should support in assisting with that goal. It is completely up to you to decide if they’re physical or magical. That only makes a difference when chosing supports. Most of time you might keep your team with their main attack type, it is often the most effective way of gathering a team. There are also hybrid teams (mainly that’s a Karh’k team composition) but all in all it’s a good rule of thumb to keep them matched. Once you pick a main damage dealer, you must look at what your hero needs in order to do more damage faster and hit harder. For physical damage teams it is usually most beneficial to get more armor penetration, followed by physical attack stats. It’s the same for magical attackers, magic penetration is the first priority, then following by magic attack.

Lastly, you also need a support, you would like to look for heroes that might help your main damage dealer to do more damage, or a support which would provide your team with abilities which your team might lack.

Physical damage dealing team might often need more magic defense stats. Magic attack based teams might need more armor as they usually have some decent magic defense. Heroes stats can be incresed by upgrading their glyphs. You can learn more about glyphs in the following post – All Heroes Glyph guide.

Key things when starting a new account

  • You should decide on the first five heroes of your team. Team which you can actually acquire and upgrade without extreme difficulty. If you haven’t decided in which heroes you want to invest in, you may visit this post: Top teams list
  • Only focus on those five heroes. Priority order starts with a tank, followed by your damage dealer, then supports as many as necessary as you move along. Watch all of your battles so that you can make adjustments on who you want to upgrade the most and how.
  • Your goal is to get your team over any obstacles so you could reach top 10 in the Arena. Once your team is competitive, start working on sub-teams.
  • Once you face teams that your main team simply struggles against, no matter what you try, it is better for you to move on. You should start working on your 2nd team. Main purpose of that team is to defeat enemies that your main team struggles against.
  • Finally, once you face a team which your first and second teams are struggling against, you know that it’s the time for your third team.

General tips

If you have a possibility to spend some money, here’s what a lot of people would recommend:

  • Raid! You can spend a few dollars on emeralds and turn 10-15 minutes of soul stone farming into a 2 minute exercise. This is the best quality-of-life investment in the game, and it’s incredibly cheap for saving yourself literally hours every week.
  • Celeste. She starts as an ok damage dealer/healer. Later on once she hits violet, she’s absolutely incredible. Her healing makes the tower a cake-walk. After spending money on literally anything for the first time you will be prompted to “buy” Celeste. Formally, you get her for free if you spend money on literally anything else. So, after you spend a few dollars to enable the raid feature, you might also want to spend a few dollars more to get Celeste.

Do not level up and work on a bunch of heroes at once. You will not have the resources to level up all the heroes you will acquire. The game will eventually give you the most heroes in about 2-4 months of playing. You will get a bunch of them in the first month alone. If you’re not pay-to-win player, you will never have enough resources to make them all top-notch heroes. Trying to do that, is the biggest mistake that you can make and later on you might regret it.

Complete daily tasks everyday – never forget doing daily tasks! Daily tasks are your lifeline as you will claim a lot of various rewards and experience points by doing them.

Fight in the arena everyday – as a reward you will get free Emeralds. Emeralds are the most important resource in the game, so you definitely want them.

Don’t fully rely on auto-battle mode – auto-mode lets you leave the play itself while you can watch how the fight progresses but sometimes abilities might cast at the wrong time hitting only one or two targets, which is not the most efficient way of using them. In manual battles, you decide when to cast a spell, which can make a huge difference. That is especially important in the Dungeon mode, because it might save you a lot of health for your titans.

Create/join a guild – guilds open up a new world where you fight other guilds and earn guild currency which could be exchanged to great rewards. For example, some really strong heroes soul stones, titan potions and more.

That’s all for now, hope you guys have found these tips being useful. If you have any other great tips, please share them with our community in the comments. See you in the Dominion! ⚔️

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