We have seen a lot of discussions about skins and what you should prioritize. In addition, each day game provides special discounts on hero skins. If the main question which might pop up in your mind is: “Is it worth it?”, then this article might be definitely for you!

Some basics about the skins

By leveling any skin, you should keep in mind that skin stones are very valuable and they will become even more valuable the more you progress through the game. Skin stones are quite rare and are difficult to gather.

Skin stones

Amount of skin stones required to max a skin:
Default skin – 30,825 skin stones
Champion skin – 54,330 skin stones
Any other skin – 55,410 skin stones

Doesn’t matter which skin you’ve selected for your hero, each unlocked and upgraded skin will provide stats.

As you might know, skins are extremely hard to max and it costs a lot of skin stones. You need to make sure that you start with the skins that are the most impactful for your team composition.

Priority for your tanks:

  1. Armor and / or Magic Defense stats
  2. Health stats
  3. Main stats (Default skin)
  4. Attack stats
  5. Penetration

For damage dealers, this should be your prioritized list:

  1. Penetration – Armor / Magic
  2. Physical or Magic Attack
  3. Main stats (Default skin)
  4. Health
  5. Armor and / or Magic Defense stats

For healers and / or support heroes you should aim to go for:

  1. Health stats
  2. Main stats (Default skin)
  3. Armor and / or Magic Defense stats
  4. Attack and / or Magic Attack stats

Whenever you decide which skin to prioritize, you should keep in mind and think how it will impact your team in the later stages of the game. The higher skin level is – more influential it becomes. These are general recommendations and might not always be the correct ones.

This is the current recommendations list. Hope you guys will find it useful and that it will make you a little bit less confused on which skin you should level. Good luck in the Dominion!

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