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In mobile version of Hero Wars there are titans, no extras nor additional leveling of skills for basic titans and their abilities. There is only an option to use titan skills manually in the combat. That’s why the most popular setup in the titans team are Sigurd, Nova and three legendary titans – Eden, Araji and Hyperion.

There are couple of reasons for this. These titans are statistically the best basic titan combination on offense and defense. Moloch, Nova and three legendary titans has a slight advantage on offense but it’s a very slim one.

The main reason why Sigurd and Nova are used most often is because of their skills. Sigurds shield can be set just as the enemy Araji starts Incinerating Ray. This protects himself and the whole team behind from the damage that Ray might cause. That’s also why on attack most players play manually in the war. Nova has the ability to stun enemy titans muting or delaying their special abilities to give yours time to act. That’s why these two titans are the most popular and currently the best titans on mobile. This of course would change if there will be addition of new titans or other stuff like leveling titan skills.

Also, there is several key things to look at when guaging the enemy titan teams. It is very important not only to look at enemys titan team strength but also for the number of super titans. Look at the star levels and only then look at the actual level of the other titans.

Super titan is roughly the equivalent of 1.5 standard titan. So if you have all three super titans and your enemy has two, if your and your enemies levels are close – you’re quite likely to win that battle.

Stars and absolute stars. Each titan star level is approximately equal to 4 – 5 levels of upgrading. So if you have a level 80 titan with 3 stars and you’re facing a level 80 titan with 4 stars, you’re basically facing a titan of level 84 to 85. Stars are really a big deal and is it even more important on super titans.

Now with this being said, the most important thing to strengthen your titan team is to have all the super titans trying to maximize their star levels. How to do that? It is possible to get titan soul stones through orbs, orbs give souls and souls give titans stars. Meaning that you want to maximize your effors in obtaining orbs period. You can buy orbs in bundles using emeralds (of course it is better to do this during an even if there is a discount) but it is also possible to obtain a good amount of orbs daily with maximum guild participation and completing dungeon missions.

By doing this, you will strengthen your titans faster without buying their levels which are more of a waste and very expensive.

Once you have an absolute star titan, titan soul shop will open. The titan soul shop uses titan soul coins for currency to purchase items. Titan soul coins could be obtained by trading excess titan soul stones (soul stones for titans that are already at absolute stars) upon entering the merchant shop. The rate of exchange is 10 Titan Soul Coins for each Titan Soul Stone.

In the titan soul shop you can buy titan potions, sparks of power and gold. The best way to spend these coins would be to buy titan potions as you would like to maximize your titan team power.

That’s all for now, hope you guys found these tips useful. Good luck!

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  1. Hi all

    For a while (one or two months or so, I have all titans except Hyperion. For him, I have 270/300 Soulstones. How to get more? I have bought 100 spheres using a part of the 60k emeralds I bought while the Leprecat event.
    I have most of the titans now on four stars (only Araji has only 3)…
    It seems right strange to me, the distribution of luck is so uneven spread…


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