Dungeon tips

Are you struggling in the dungeon and wonder how to get more titanites? Then this post is just for you!
In this post you will find some general tips on how to get far in the dungeon.

Mixed titan fights

Rule of thumb is to use one of Avalon, Nova or Mairi. If you use Moloch, make sure he does not take more damage than is healed, you need to time abilities perfectly. Hyperion is a must use. Best combination is to use Ignis and time his ultimate to enhance Hyperion’s healing.

The rest of your team should be a combination of two: Araji, Eden, Nova or Mairi. Choose what is needed for the battle or take titans which have the highest levels. Eden and Nova are mostly used due to their area of effect abilities. Nova can stun enemy Araji just as soon as he starts Incinerating Ray.

Make sure you end the battle with minimum HP loss and often more importantly, max or close to max energy for most of the titans. It is very important to have full energy for Ignis or one just one attack from full. This is to boost Hyperion’s early heal and everyone’s early damage. Vulcan and Sylva are quite bad and usually not needed to get far in the dungeon.

Suggestion – Your final team combination could be: Hyperion, Eden, Nova, Ignis, Sigurd / Moloch,

Non-mixed titan fights

Do not use auto battles and try to make sure your most important titans end with as much energy as possible. If you use auto battles, you do not maximize full potential of your titans and some of them might take a bit more damage than they should.

Priorities to save energy:

  • Water – Nova and Sigurd (Mairi too if strong enough)
  • Earth – Angus and Eden (Avalon too, if strong enough)
  • Fire – Ignis (very important), also Araji and Moloch

Titans to level for the better dungeon runs

  1. Super titans -> Nova -> Ignis -> Tanks
  2. Avalon and Mairi are great additions, however, you should not prioritize them as highly as titans above. Mairi’s ultimate is always great no matter the level and Avalon is absolute sh*t in wars. However, Avalon is super strong in dungeon if leveled up.
  3. Only two titans left but they are not worth mentioning, hehe…

If something goes wrong during the batle, retreat and try again. You can also experiment with Eden’s Subterranean Prison and hope to pick the targets you want to minimize health loss.

General mistakes

  • Poorly timed ultimates
  • Accidentally canceled super titan secondary skill by using their ultimate
  • You destroy your opponent too quick and will end batle with not enough energy for the upcoming battles
  • Not boosting Hyperion’s heal with Ignis skill
  • Usage of auto-battles

More information and tips about the Titans could be found in this page: Titans

Hope you guys found these tips useful. Hopefully now you will get way more titanites than you used to. Please let us know how did your battles go in the comments. Good luck!

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  1. Should Vulcan and Sylva be completely ignored when leveling non-core titans to keep advancing in the dungeon?

    Even though I focus leveling the 5 titans I use for league and cross-server wars, I had to level the other titans in order to at least meet the 75 titanite mark per day.

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