Tower completion

At Team Level 40 you can enter a special game mode – Tower. Going through the floors in Tower, you can gather valuable resources, such as Gold, Tower coins and equipment items. Tower has 50 floors in total and puts your Guardians to the real test every day you climb it. Going through the floors of Tower might become a lot easier with an amazing feature – Tower Instant Clear!

When does instant tower clear become available?

In order to have access to this great option, you need to:

  • Reach team level 90;
  • Have a strong pack of heroes to reach the very top of the Tower – Floor 50.

How to unlock Instant Clear?

Once you will reach team level 90 and go to the tower, you will meet a Valkyrie. She will tell you that there is a special task which is waiting for you at the very top of the Tower.

When you get to Floor 50, Valkyrie will give you a Tower Crown as a reward. In order to unlock Tower Instant Clear, you need to collect seven of these Crowns. Worth to mention, you don’t need to complete the Tower 7 days in a row. You should not be worried and you won’t lose Crowns you’ve already collected.

Once you’ve completed this request and collected 7 Crowns, the Instant Clear function will become available on the very next day.

How does it work?

This amazing feature saves a lot of time in the Tower, allowing you to completely skip the floors with fights and buffs. You can get the reward immediately. In order to use Instant Clear, click on the Valkyrie on the first floor in the Tower.

Valkyrie will also offer you two options:

  1. You can of course gothrough all the floors with chests and open them manually;
  2. You can automatically open all available chests on every floor of the Tower by spending emeralds.

Source: Hero-Wars-Mobile facebook

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