Beginner tips

Getting started tips for beginners

You should not click on complete button on any daily quest that gives team xp. You need to keep your team level as low as possible. Why?The difficulty of the tower is largely based on your team level, not the level of your heroes. So if you have a high team level, but your heroes are not as high, the tower will be more difficult. You want to clear the tower (all the way to level 50) every day. Keeping your team level low makes it easier to keep your heroes close to your team level so you can clear the tower easier. Clearing the tower is one of the best ways to accumulate the resources you need to level your heroes.

Arachne isn’t worth your resources, and most of your beginning heroes aren’t (exceptions: Astaroth, Galahad, Kiera)

When it is time to select a guild, do so carefully. An active guild wants participating members and you want to be in an active guild.

Even if you are f2p, spend a couple bucks to get to VIP 1 at least (maybe VIP 5). The ability to auto-raid is worth the small expenditure.

Energy will refresh over time up to about 200. After that you can get free energy from daily quests by logging in at certain times or by completing certain other tasks. Or you can buy it with theatre tokens or gems.

Once you hit 40 and are able to farm the tower (daily), stop accepting quest rewards that grant Team EXP. It can be very easy to drive your level cap up higher than you have resources to build on or catch up to. Having one Hero at lvl 65 while the rest of your team can only afford lvl 40 and blue gear isn’t helpful.

When filling in a team for an Expedition (Airship), fill it in from the bottom of your champ list. The game will highlight the champs you can use to reach the expedition team lvl requirement, and shade out those that can’t help. Only select the lowest lvl highlighted hero each time and you will build the most efficient team possible to complete the expedition, potentially allowing you to complete more of them at once.

Always buy the XP potions available in the Town Shop. Even if you think you have more XP potions than you will ever possibly need in this game…buy more. Remember the potions just raise a single champ’s XP, not your Team EXP. By slowing your team growth (as stated above), and stocking up on XP potions, you can completely max out lvl and gear on full teams of individual heroes before progressing up to the next team EXP level.

Mobile: Put your phone on mute and “watch” Boxy’s stupid ads, as well as the Theater ads every day. Let it run, watch some TV or engage with other humans and when you remember the ad is probably over, just close it and yay you got stuff, on to the next one.

Yes, it is worth the $1.29 to get VIP 1 just so you can hit “Raid” on missions you’ve already 3-star beaten. If you are playing this game past team lvl 30, skip buying your next hot beverage or soft drink and just buy it.

Don’t buy the health or ability buffs in the tower. The others are much more valuable, save your points for those.

Join an active guild. If you are not getting daily rewards (glyphs, summon orbs) leave and find a better one.

Try to select a guild within your range. Joining a gold guild when you are level 30 is just going to get you expelled.

Don’t invest in crappy heroes. Likewise, investing in heroes whose soul stones are difficult or impossible to get can be frustrating, but also very rewarding later in the game. Some crappy heroes: Artemis, Daredevil, Aurora, Judge, Mojo, Luther, Fox, Phobos, Lilith, Heidi, Dante, Astrid + Lucas, Chabba.Also crappy, but necessary early on: Thea. As soon as you get a better healer (Dorian and Martha are the best), stop investing resources into her. I have her at level 90 with all skills maxed, artifacts activated, and glyphs and she STILL totally sucks.

Heroic chests are useless, don’t do it.I spend gems exclusively on gold through the wheel, and only during events where you are rewarded with additional resources for spending gems.

Pick one or two campaign heroes to focus on and no more then that. Get everyone else that’s a campaign hero to three stars at least then just stop investing in the soulstones and focus on items. If an event for one of your main heroes comes try and get to them to 4.

Try and progress the campaign until you’ve unlocked all the quests for the item you are currently farming. Should be easy smooth sailing until purples in which case stopping at the end of chapter 8 for ages is fine. All the items after that point are gold and you won’t be using those until like level 90 despite being able to unlock it at lvl 60 or so.

Use gems during good events. I like spinning the wheel, getting extra campaign items and leveling up my titans. I made a mini guide that might be helpful for new players.

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